Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire Damage – Monroe Home

Fire damage at this Monroe home was handled quickly and efficiently by local firefighters. The photo shows an area of the wall where the firefighters opened up a hole in the wall to assure that there were no burning embers hidden within the wall cavity. SERVPRO of Monroe / West Monroe can provide cleaning and restoration services which would include removing the stains and damaged drywall. The drywall would be replaced and odor eliminating procedures would be implemented to cleanse the air.

Fire Damage – West Monroe Medical Office

Fire Damage can cause some strange things to occur in structural fires. Even though this West Monroe medical office looks like it just needs a good cleaning, it will have to be nearly gutted to restore it properly. The dark-colored debris on the floor along the bases of the walls is soot that was driven by superheated air and smoke from the attic down through the walls and forced out from under the baseboards. You can also see soot that settled in the light fixtures, pushed out of the attic out through the small gaps around the electrical junction boxes above the ceiling from the pressure of the fire. All of the drywall will have to be removed to get into the walls and remove the soot and char using abrasive media.

Fire Damage – Monroe Home

Fire damage occurred at this Monroe house when the water heater caught fire in the utility closet. You can see the charred spots on the water heater along with the soot damage which covered the entire room. The homeowners knew that they needed professional help to clean up the fire damage and remove the soot along with dealing with the noxious odor left after a fire. SERVPRO of Monroe / West Monroe industry certified technicians have a great deal of experience in fire damage restoration projects. Our customers can expect more than satisfactory results.

Fire Damage – Monroe Kitchen

Fire damage at this Monroe home’s kitchen started as a grease fire on the stove top. The exhaust hood failed to function correctly allowing the fire to spread to the cabinetry leaving a good deal of soot and smoke damage. SERVPRO of Monroe / West Monroe, using SERVPRO products and procedures, would be able to wipe down the smoke damage left behind by the fire damage.

Fire Damage – Monroe Home

Fire damage at this Monroe home left this large piece of furniture severely charred from the heat of the fire. The homeowners were fearful that the beloved piece of furniture would have to be disposed of. SERVPRO of Monroe / West Monroe has a great deal of experience in restoration of contents in fire damage situations. We always attempt to restore rather than replace. We would be able to restore this treasured piece of furniture and save the owners both time and expense.

Fire Damaged Home in West Monroe

Fires cause damage and disruptions to homeowners and renters in the West Monroe area. Battling the cleanup, odor removal, and restoration of the fire-damaged materials is best left to the professionals from SERVPRO. We are always ready to assist.