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Why Should Only Restoration Technicians Handle Fire Debris?

10/20/2020 (Permalink)

House Fire SERVPRO has the experienced technicians with the equipment and expertise your home needs after a fire mishap. Give us a call right away.

SERVPRO Technicians Carefully Remove and Dispose of Debris from Your Monroe Home During the Fire Cleanup Process.

After a house fire, the debris, soot, lost contents, and mess from water extinguishing the flames become overwhelming. While your initial thought may be to start poking through the debris and tossing items, your best bet is to have skilled restoration technicians come in to handle this cleanup. SERVPRO has years of experience and understands that many things are salvageable with care and the right methods. Once you call us to your Monroe home, you can count on our crew to get started quickly so that your home will be back to preloss condition, just “Like it never even happened.”

Why Should I Call SERVPRO?

With any job involving fire cleanup in Monroe, you need to remove debris quickly and get to work on cleaning corrosive soot and smoke residue. We understand best practices for removal, how to sort items, and where to bring all of the debris to be disposed of according to local guidelines. We have a team of specialists made up of:

  • Fire and smoke restoration technicians
  • Odor control technicians
  • Water damage restoration technicians
  • Upholstery and fabric cleaning technicians

Prompt removal of debris during the cleanup allows us to eliminate a significant amount of odor-causing matter. When a homeowner tries to tackle fire cleanup with DIY methods alone, the cleaning usually only passes visual inspection. There are hidden molecules that settle in nooks and crannies that must get addressed carefully. Otherwise, malodors creep up over time and create a constant reminder of the fire that took place. We utilize powerful HEPA filtration tools, air scrubbers, thermal fogging equipment, and EPA-registered cleaning agents and deodorizers that help us to reach our cleanup goals.

We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster at SERVPRO of Monroe/West Monroe, which means we can be on-site and ready to work within hours of your call. If you need assistance with professional fire cleanup, call us at (318) 345-5121 for 24-hour emergency service.

What Should We Focus On When Planning Restoration in Water Damaged Business Premises?

10/8/2020 (Permalink)

corridor in hotel with dehumidifiers Swift water damage mitigation to grocery stores and hotels in the Monroe area needed? Call SERVPRO, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster

SERVPRO Helps Bulk Grocery Stores in Monroe Complete Water Restoration with Minimal Interruption to Daily Operations

The disruption from a water-related incident might have a severe impact on your business, extending beyond the cost of fixing the areas damaged by the water. For example, you might be forced to close down all operations, whether it is in-shop purchases, curbside collections, or even deliveries, since the water intrusion can interrupt several aspects of your daily operations. SERVPRO understands that Monroe bulk grocery suppliers like you need to resume operations as fast as possible for the benefit of your customers.

Why do water spills lead to extensive business disruption?

Precisely understanding the problems caused by the spilled water is crucial for successful water restoration at your Monroe grocery store. If you are lucky, restoration might only require removing standing water on floors and other surfaces. However, most incidents involved other issues beyond water stagnation, including:

  • Deterioration in parts of the structure like floors, walls, and ceilings
  • Damage to electronic equipment
  • Compromised electrical circuits
  • Damage to utilities such as lighting and heating

Addressing the moisture issues from the spilled water and the other problems that arise from the incident is crucial for the restoration to be successful. Unlike handling the situation on your own whereby you might only realize there are other problems, halfway through the restoration process, involving a professional team ensures anticipation of some problems allowing the formulation of solutions beforehand.

How can a restorer anticipate water damage complications?

The water restoration process requires a skillful approach to ensure a positive outcome. Skills play a significant role in many aspects apart from the physical removal of the water in an inundated property. During training, our SERVPRO water restoration technicians are informed of the likely outcomes after water intrusion into business premises. Through handling such occurrences, our technicians also get first-hand experience of the issues that come up. We can therefore use the accumulated wealth of knowledge to tell you what challenges you are likely to face when your store is affected and find solutions that deal with the issue, "Like it never even happened."

Apart from the general experiences, we also tap into the information you already have about the incident. For instance, when you call us, our customer care representatives try to find out:

  • The source of the water spill
  • The duration the water flows into your commercial property
  • The general layout and materials in your store

We also send an advance team of technicians to your premises to conduct an initial physical inspection of the damage. During such an inspection, useful information such as the approximate amount of water released into the building, the types of materials left wet, and the level of wetness in such materials is identified. This information helps determine how long it might take to extract water, dry wet materials, or demolish some sections if the damage is beyond repair.

Is it possible for restoration to minimize disruptions to business operations?

With the scope of damage and the desires of the business operator established, finding solutions that deal with the operation interruptions is possible. Our SERVPRO technicians prioritize:

  • Moisture management
  • Access to functional areas
  • Addressing material deterioration

Removing any standing water within the premises in good time is the primary factor in moisture management since it stops penetration into materials or migration into cavities. We follow the best practices of the IICRC to ensure rapid and effective results. In a property such as your bulk grocery store with vast surfaces where spilled water accumulates, high-efficiency water extractors are necessary. Our technicians use a wide variety of fast action pumps, including portable and truck-mounted extractors. Since issues with power supply can delay water removal, we have both electric and gasoline-powered portable extractors.

Drying wet materials is also crucial to complete the moisture management process. Moisture can remain in porous and semi-porous building materials, contents, and even in the air. One effective way our SERVPRO technicians use to manage the moisture is by manipulating air movements. We use air movers to produce high-velocity air currents that enhance evaporation, thus drying materials faster.

Although the steps taken to counter the effects of water might be useful, they do not work instantly. One way to minimize the inconvenience your customers endure is by providing limited access to the facility. Our technicians identify usable areas then set up temporary barriers to isolate them from affected areas. We also set up safety warnings such as slippery floor signs to avert accidents when customers visit your premises.

When SERVPRO of Monroe / West Monroe helps manage water loss incidents, it is easier to focus on approaches that lead to better outcomes. Call us at (318) 345-5121 to help.

Who Needs a Mold Damage Company in Monroe with the Right Equipment?

9/26/2020 (Permalink)

mold growing on ceiling If you need help with mold damage, call SERVPRO of Monroe / West Monroe at (318) 345-5121.

Monroe Homeowners Need Effective Mold Damage Remediation

Keeping on top of home care in your Monroe home is an ongoing challenge. It seems like there is always a maintenance task to take care of. Thrifty homeowners want to carry out as many jobs themselves as possible, but sometimes you need extra help.
There are some tell-tale signs of mold damage in your Monroe home:

    •    Patches of mold growing in damp areas – patches might be black, deep green, gray, brown, or even pinkish
    •    Watermarks and stains on ceilings and walls
    •    A distinctive moldy smell that does not go away

It is a good idea to call SERVPRO as soon as you notice any signs of mold. The fungus can quickly spread, so it is better to deal with it quickly.

I was under the impression that cleaning mold just meant wiping it away?
It is a common misconception that wiping mold with a cleaning solution or some bleach is enough to fix the problem. However, that is not true. Cleaners and especially bleach can add moisture, which helps fungus to thrive. The mold might come back worse than before.

There is also the problem of microscopic mold spores escaping from the colony and becoming airborne. Once they come loose, spores can travel through your home and find new places to grow.

What equipment does SERVPRO use to remediate mold damage?
We train our technicians to use the best industry-standard equipment in the fight against mold. Our arsenal includes:

    •    Moisture meters, moisture probes, thermo-hygrometers, and thermal imaging for building up a clear picture of the extent of moisture in the affected area
    •    Air movers, fans, portable heaters, and dehumidifiers for drying out the room once mold remediation is complete
    •    HEPA filters to pull mold spores from the air and prevent them from re-entering your home
    •    Air scrubbers, carbon filters, odor eating pellets, and wet fogging machines to deodorize your home and leaving it smelling good
    •    Media blasting machines for basements, attics, and crawl spaces

Using the right equipment means better results and decreases the likelihood of mold regrowth.

If you need help with mold damage, call SERVPRO of Monroe / West Monroe at (318) 345-5121.

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What Precautions Should Homeowners Take Before Returning Home After Flood Damage In Monroe?

9/17/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicles by home Our Green Fleet is always stocked and ready to go to restore your home.

SERVPRO Has the Necessary Resources to Enter Your Monroe Property Safely, Addressing Any Challenges You Might Face   

The intensity of a storm in Monroe can make you feel helpless. Even after the storm clears, you still need to take precautions before venturing into the property since there are considerable risks involved. Involving a professional team like SERVPRO can help simplify the reoccupation of your house after flooding.  

What typical dangers should I expect after flood damage at my Monroe house?   

  • Risk of fire when operating appliances  
  • Health risks from contamination  
  • Structural hazards   

When the floodwater inundates your Monroe property, it affects most of the contents, including your appliances. Having such appliances checked by an electrician before turning them on is crucial since they might short-circuit, leading to fires. Although our SERVPRO technicians cannot fix your equipment, we can help take steps that protect them from extreme damage, including:  

  • Moving them to minimize exposure to water  
  • Keeping items in a heated area to prevent cooling to the dew point  
  • Covering them with plastic sheets or other protective materials   

How can I avoid health risks and other hazards?

Health risks arise because of the contaminants dissolved in the floodwaters. Damaged structural materials can also present risks of physical injuries. Wearing protective gear before entering the property is the ideal way to overcome hazards. Our SERVPRO technicians are equipped with a wide range of safety gear to address all possible risks, including:   

  • Non-contact voltage detectors, GFCI, and circuit analyzers for electrical issues  
  • Hard hats and rubber boots to protect against sharp or falling objects 
  • Rubber gloves and bodysuits for protection against contaminants   

Taking the right precautions guarantees safety when entering the flood-damaged property. Call SERVPRO of Monroe / West Monroe at (318) 345-5121 to send a fully kitted team to your property. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

How Do I Know if the Floodwater in My Home is Contaminated?

9/7/2020 (Permalink)

flooded room with green recliners and a coffee table Regardless of how flooding made its way into your living space, team SERVPRO can help. Call right away for water removal efforts.

SERVPRO technicians can test and remove flooding in your Monroe home

When flood water enters your Monroe home, it brings a distinctive, musty odor. However, there is no way to ascertain if the water contains contaminants visually, and groundwater can contain a host of them, including sewage, chemicals, bacteria, and pathogenic elements. SERVPRO technicians have access to equipment and the training to scope the work-site through the use of:   

  • Inspection cameras and borescopes to look within cavities for contamination without the need to remove structural pieces  
  • Luminometers test surfaces for organic contamination  
  • The use of a local, certified industrial hygienist (IH)

How Can Flood Damage Get Cleaned Safely?  

SERVPRO technicians use a wide array of extraction equipment to clean up flood damage in Monroe properties. They test the water on arrival to determine the extent of the existing contaminants or harmful elements in the water and apply the appropriate water treatments to make it safer to handle during the mitigation process. 

The amount of water on-site can determine, in part, the type of removal equipment that the techs choose to use. Frequently, the flood water recedes before the cleanup starts; however, elevated moisture levels remain under flooring, behind walls, and migrate downward once in the home. The techs use their moisture detection equipment such as:   

  • Penetrating and non-penetrating moisture meters
  • Infrared cameras to locate water within the property without opening walls 
  • Thermo-Hygrometers to measure water vapor in the air

When chemicals, pathogens, or sewage are present in the water in the home, the techs adhere to the highest safety standards and wear head to toe protective gear. This type of water damage needs disposal as a biohazard, and the techs observe local regulations to make sure they work within municipal guidelines.

What is a Controlled Demolition?  

Flood Water in your Monroe home can be one of the most destructive events that can happen, and unfortunately, if the water shows through testing to contain contaminants, anything that absorbs the water requires disposal. Typical things that need removal in this way are sheetrock that wicks moisture into walls or ceilings on lower floors where the flood water enters the home. The techs try to remove the least amount necessary by measuring just over the waterline by several inches and cutting above it.

Although carpet usually has restoration potential after exposure to water damage that begins cleanup within 24-hours. The absorption of floodwater generally renders the carpet without the possibility of reuse in the home. There is no way to bring it to a sanitized level after exposure to contaminants such as harmful bacteria or sewage so that it can remain in the home. The techs extract the water and cut the carpet into strips for disposal.

SERVPRO technicians may be able to restore hardwood flooring on a case by case basis. Determinants for restoration include the materials used in making the floorboards, the length of time the boards got exposed to water and if warping, cupping or crowning has occurred.  After extraction, the techs use a combination of air mats and air movers to force the boards.

Under all types of flooring, there can be a subfloor or concrete slab substrate. When seepage from flood water occurs, the carpet, tile, or wood floorboards require removal to dry the area underneath.

Prevention of Mold  

The techs undergo extensive training in mold remediation and know the early warning signs of a mold infestation. During the cleanup and restoration services from floodwater, they keep a careful watch on the structure for signs that spores have germinated and spread. The techs have access to professional-grade antimicrobial cleaning solutions to wipe down surfaces and discourage mold growth.  

In situations where colonies established themselves due to the presence of high moisture conditions from the floodwater, the techs can dry the mold and remove it using manual methods such as scrapers and hand vacuums fitted with HEPA filtration. For large-scale removal, particularly on wood beams and studs, the use of soda or ice blasting is beneficial. Afterward, the use of a sealant ensures no return of the problem.  

Final Steps For Restoration  

Before the needed repairs can happen, the property needs to get verified as dry through the use of the scoping equipment as well as odor-free. SERVPRO techs have a diverse selection of odor control methods depending on the level of scent control needed. It is not uncommon for a multi-layered approach to get used to ensure that both airborne and embedded odors get eradicated. 

When flood damage is the problem, call SERVPRO of Monroe / West Monroe at (318) 345-5121. The certified, trained technicians arrive promptly and are available 24/7 to handle any amount of floodwater in your home.

After My Monroe House fire, Can I Salvage my HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) System?

8/20/2020 (Permalink)

Air vent with soot on it. Let SERVPRO cover all the bases when it comes to your Monroe fire damage.

SERVPRO Restoration Technicians Clean and Restore Ducting and HVAC Systems

Charred furniture, strong odors, and thick smoke residue dusted throughout your Monroe home are alarming after-shocks from the fire. It is crucial to begin repairs right away; however, it is also essential to assess hidden damage and detect soot and smoke odor hiding in out-of-the-way-places such as your HVAC system.

If There Is No Visible Damage, Do Technicians Still Need to Clean the Ducting?

Yes, Technicians Clear Debris from Ducting and Seal in Odors to Mitigate Further Damage 

Part of the fire-damage found in your Monroe home may be hiding in your ducting. Imagine finishing a restoration project, only to smell smoke or see soot in the air, bringing you back to square one. As a standard component of repairs after a fire, it is essential to inspect and clean the HVAC system immediately to determine the air quality within your home.

How Do SERVPRO Technicians Address Smoke Residue Inside Ducts?

  • First, technicians make sure the system is off and not circulating contaminants throughout your home.
  • Technicians clean the HVAC system by blowing and vacuuming debris and smoke residue.
  • After adequate cleaning, technicians may seal the ducting to create a protective coating on the surface, effectively stifling any remaining odor.

What Equipment and Products Are Beneficial in Sealing and Cleaning the HVAC System?

  • Duct cleaning systems like the Nikro PDC 4000 include a rotary brush for cleaning and a discharge hose to remove waste easily.
  • After cleaning, technicians may use a ULV (ultra-low-volume) fogger to mist Duct Sealer inside the ducts to create a flexible film that seals the surface to contain odors.

For prompt 24/7 assistance after a fire, contact SERVPRO of Monroe / West Monroe at (318) 345-5121. We make it, "Like it never even happened."

Who Cleans Up Commercial Water Damage in Monroe?

8/16/2020 (Permalink)

water leaking from the floor above into a bucket Water damage can seep into hard to get places and without professional help mold might start growing. Call SERVPRO for professional help.

The trained, certified team members of SERVPRO bring years of experience and advanced equipment to handle any size commercial water damage situation in Monroe

When the aftermath of a plumbing issue, toilet backup, or other issue happens in your commercial property, you need to get going on the cleanup as soon as possible. The equipment that your regular janitorial crew uses to maintain your building may be inadequate for the type of cleanup and drying that the mitigation of water damage requires. Mainly when the issue is groundwater or a sewage backup into the property, repairs to the walls, floor, and replacement to some articles that absorbed the water can occur. It is crucial to use the services of a restoration services company that understands cleanup, sometimes also means prepping for repairs.

What are Flood Cuts and Why Do Commercial Water Restoration Companies Rely on Them?

It may seem counterproductive to remove wet sheetrock rather than dry it, but this is a standard method used by commercial water restoration companies to lessen the damage from excessive moisture at your Monroe property. The process for a flood cut is:  

  • The technicians locate the waterline within the sheetrock
  • Measuring several inches over the waterline, the wet building materials get cut off
  • This action opens up the interior wall cavity for drying
  • To repair, a replacement piece of sheetrock gets fitted into the space and sealed in place with joint compound

The clean cuts make any repairs needed after the fact simple. This attention to removing the least amount of building materials possible during the cleanup helps property owners keep the overall costs down for the restoration from water damage.

SERVPRO of Monroe / West Monroe at (318) 345-5121 serves the area with cleanup and remediation of damage from water, fire, mold, or biohazard issues in local properties. They remain the premier choice among commercial water restoration companies for any size job.

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Does Recovery from Water Damage in West Monroe Need to Be So Complicated?

8/7/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged property Navigating the road to water damage restoration with SERVPRO of Monroe / West Monroe ensures a speedy and successful result with no shortcuts.

Water Damage Restoration Needs Doing Right the First Time in West Monroe, and SERVPRO Commits Not Only to Following Best Practices But Also to Share Clear Communications with Our Customers

It is natural for a West Monroe homeowner to be both anxious that water damage is managed appropriately and impatient that professional mitigation and remediation take far more time than hoped. No one wants their day to day life upended. Still, the answer to significant water damage is not a simple fix. Instead, it is a process, the intricacy, intensity, and length of which is determined by the specific circumstances of the loss. Many steps are involved, and all are necessary. We are committed to sharing the details of the water loss restoration with every customer. Count on us to explain how each phase, step, and task fits into the overall agenda and provide honest answers to your questions and concerns.

Why Do Professionals Assess, Test, and Measure Before Beginning the Work I Need to be Done?

West Monroe residents seeking water damage restoration might be surprised that workers do not immediately dig in, starting the tasks they must know so well. Instead, the project manager evaluates the safety of the site, putting in place safety controls before giving the green light to the water damage crews. Additionally, the crew chief directs the use of sensitive detection and metering devices to outline the extent of the water incursion and the compromised building materials' moisture levels.

Why Do Professional Restoration Companies Complete a Safety Assessment?

SERVPRO must proceed from the premise that every water damage scenario is unique and presents hazards we might expect, but cannot be sure how they manifest. Typical safety hazards at a job site include:

    •    Slip, trip, and fall concerns
    •    Chemical contamination of fluids
    •    Heavily involved areas can be in confined spaces with only one exit, low ceilings, cramped quarters, and unexpected substances or items that can spell danger
    •    Environmental dangers like
    •    Live electricity (shock or electrocution)
    •    Hazardous materials (lead-based painted surfaces, uncontained asbestos)
    •    Biohazards (infectious waste and molds)
    •    Structural hazards (trapped water threatening to collapse walls or ceilings, weakened or damaged floors, stairs, and more)

Why Do We Assess and Test Before Water Damage Restoration?

Our crews need accurate information about precisely where the water hides and how much moisture building materials have absorbed. If we skip or shortchange this step, we risk leaving the incredibly damaging water behind to continue the deterioration of structural components. We also then lack the data needed to devise appropriate drying goals and to monitor the drying process. If our technicians do not make the effort to isolate water hidden in building cavities, we put your family and our crew in harm's way if a ceiling or wall full of water caves in.

Why Do Water Damage Restoration Crews Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

Safety protocols must be observed, and include the use of PPE for managers and technicians in many water damage restoration situations. Boots and hard hats protect from slipping and overhead hazards. Goggles and breathing apparatuses shield eyes and prevent airborne contaminants from inhalation. The use of PPE and robing and disrobing practices in a specified area also protects your loved ones from the debris our workers might otherwise track through your home.

What Can I Expect Now That the Crew Is Set for Water Damage Restoration?

Water Extraction
Our service vehicles await with pumps for water deeper than two inches and truck-mounted extractors for residual amounts. If we need to suction liquids from confined areas, portable backpack extractors extend our reach.

Controlled Demolition
If moisture detection located hidden caches of water, we might choose to employ limited removal of building materials to access the water and wet building cavities. These carefully planned actions usually repair easily after the water damage remediates. Release of the water and opening of spaces for more effective drying is needed to prevent secondary damage. Limited and controlled demolition can include:

    •    Cut or drilled holes in walls or mortar joints
    •    Removal of baseboards, paneling, and beadboard
    •    Flood cuts, which remove wall material from stud to stud, several inches above the waterline

Applied Structural Drying
A balance of air movement, temperature manipulation, and dehumidification returns structural components to normal moisture levels. Commercial grade equipment operated by our skilled workers rapidly dries the affected spaces, crucial to our restoration goal of “Like it never even happened.”

Navigating the road to water damage restoration with SERVPRO of Monroe / West Monroe ensures a speedy and successful result with no shortcuts. Call us at (318) 345-5121 to schedule your assessment.

What Is Muck-Out Cleaning After a Flood in Monroe?

7/22/2020 (Permalink)

The modern home interior Give our SERVPRO of Monroe / West Monroe team a call anytime you need us at (318) 345-5121.

Clearing debris, mud, and other potential contaminants from your Monroe home can reduce threatening conditions for your property.

Flooding can leave your Monroe home in disarray. Natural flooding invites debris, mud, and other contaminants into your house that must get addressed along with countless other damages. With flooding scenarios, it is vital for this cleaning and recovery effort to begin as soon as possible. Migrating water can have detrimental effects on structural cavities and exposed materials, especially when contamination is a threat.

Understanding the severity of the situation can allow our professionals to address flood damage in Monroe properties in distinct stages. The removal of debris, mud, and other solids that have entered the home through natural flooding can have multiple benefits for the property overall. Some of the reasons that we conduct this muck-out cleaning during the emergency services phase of recovery include:

    •    Identify Structural Vulnerabilities
    •    Reduce Present Bacteria
    •    More Efficient Drying
    •    Reduce Odors

What Cleaning Practices Can Protect Exposed Surfaces?

Removing the debris in the house is often insufficient to address contamination concerns that can often arise with natural flooding. These situations get deemed blackwater events, which assume that standing water in your home has encountered some contaminant level to make conditions hazardous to those exposed.

Addressing these concerns of contamination often requires efforts like controlled demolition to discard overly saturated or exposed materials and contents. Once the structural framework becomes visible and evaluated, we can focus on cleaning and protecting these areas from contamination and bacteria through surface cleaning approaches with our potent EPA-approved products.

Flooding is a situation that can get out of control quickly without the appropriate mitigation and restoration processes starting swiftly. For natural flooding scenarios, this often means muck-out cleaning. Give our SERVPRO of Monroe / West Monroe team a call anytime you need us at (318) 345-5121.

Water Damage Remediation Services Near Me

7/15/2020 (Permalink)

living room with water puddling on f,oor When water invades your home, call SERVPRO!

SERVPRO Can Provide Water Damage Mitigation to Your West Monroe Apartment! 

The last thing anyone wants to deal with in their West Monroe apartment is water damage. Many people who live in cities chose to buy condos instead of a house. Considering more and more people are trying to do away with cars and use public transportation, it makes sense for those people to also look for homes within the heart of a city.  

Finding water damage in your West Monroe apartment can be startling and overwhelming, but it's essential to remain calm. Imagine a situation upon which you wake one morning due to the feeling of water droplets on your face. As you investigate, you realize the apartment over yours has had a significant water loss, and now the damage is trickling into your home.  

What Are the First Things I Should Do During a Situation Like This?  

Should you ever find yourself in the middle of water damage, try to remain calm. Living in an apartment building, the first thing you should do is: 

  • Contact the Superintendent of your building; they can turn the water off 
  • Get in touch with a professional restoration company like SERVPRO
  • While waiting, you could lay down some towels to absorb the water dripping from your ceiling 

Here at SERVPRO, we arrive swiftly no matter the time or day. As soon as we take your call, we can begin to assemble a team of water damage restoration technicians (WRT) to send to your home.  

How Can SERVPRO Remove the Water from My Ceiling?  

Our SERVPRO technicians have a lot of experience remediating water damage. To remove the excess moisture from your property, we can:  

  • Remove ceiling tiles and dispose of any too damaged for reuse 
  • Use wet/dry vacuums and extractors to expel small puddles of water
  • Use air movers, air blasting tubes, and dehumidifiers to help ensure excess moisture is dried  

We use advanced technology to remediate water damage. Trust our technicians to locate the excess moisture on your property and restore it to its preloss state.  

If you think you need water damage technicians in your home, call today! Speak with SERVPRO of Monroe / West Monroe by dialing (318) 345-5121. We're always here to help you. 

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